There are a few things to consider when you want to learn to ride and it can seem overwhelming.

We have put together some useful information on this website. A few things that you might want to think about are listed below.

Moped, Scooter or Motorcycle?
Many people refer to mopeds and scooters when talking about a certain type of bike, but there is a difference. We have put together a guide which explains the differences to assist you in determining what type of bike is the right choice for you. Find out more.

Training and Licences
There are different types of training and licences available depending on your age and the size of the moped, scooter or motorcycle you would like to ride.  We have put together a guide that explains your options. Find out more

There are several different categories of motorcycle licences, the actual tests are the same for each full motorcycle licence but the size of bike that you use to take the tests varies depending on what class of licence you want.  We have put together a guide that explains each stage of the motorcycle tests and what size bikes you would need to use for each class of licence. Find out more

Finding the right training school
As with any industry there are varying standards of motorcycle training providers but how do you know who is offering high quality training?  When it comes to motorcycle training it is vital that the trainer you choose is committed to delivering high quality training and that your safety is their priority.  This is where MCIA RIDE comes in; all MCIA RIDE Industry Approved training schools provide proof that they are meeting the DVSA’s requirements, have adequate public and professional insurance policies, collect customer feedback and adhere to a comprehensive Code of Professional Practice. To learn more about MCIA RIDE Industry Approved motorcycle training schools click here.
Find your nearest MCIA RIDE Industry Approved motorcycle training school here.

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