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DVSA Approved Training Bodies (ATBs)

There are two routes to becoming an MCIA RIDE Industry Approved ATB:

  • Route 1 - Manufacturer Endorsed Schemes which are approved by MCIA RIDE.

  • Route 2 - DVSA Approved Training Bodies
Route 1 - Manufacturer Endorsed Schemes  Route 2 - DVSA Approved Training Bodies (ATBs)
  • Honda Approved Motorcycle Training
  • Kawasaki Rider Training Services
  • BMW Rider Training 
  •  Latest DVSA Compliance Check Form (no risks identified)*
  • Copy of public and professional indemnity certificate
  • Customer feedback review (Google, Facebook etc)
  • Signed copy of MCIA RIDE Code of Professional Practice

      * Where a DVSA Compliance check is not available then the latest DVSA instructor monitoring report is to be submitted for each instructor operating within the ATB.

    Post-Test Training Providers

    MCIA RIDE will also develop plans to focus on post-test training.  

    Many “experienced” riders think that they wouldn’t benefit from on-going training, but the continuing poor accident record of PTWs, especially the number of rider-only accidents, puts a cloud over our industry and clearly shows that this is not the case. Consequently, MCIA will be working together with media outlets and other stakeholders in this area to raise the profile and awareness of this area.

    Once this is operational, post-test instructors will be able to benefit from becoming an MCIA RIDE Industry Approved Instructor with a range of benefits.  This has an annual membership cost of £50.00 plus VAT.  During the next 12 months, exclusive lead generation will also become part of the offer, where riders can identify post-test training provision and book directly with you. Post-test training also forms a key part of the MCIA strategy The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys, which provides a focus on the future training requirements for all Powered Light Vehicles. As a MCIA RIDE Industry Approved ATB or Instructor you will be perfectly positioned to meet this future training need.

    MCIA RIDE Post-Test Training Code of Professional Practice

    Individuals or Businesses who become members of the MCIA RIDE Industry Approved training scheme (post-test training provider) agree to abide by the standards outlined in this Code of Professional Practice. These standards reflect the position of trust that customers should have in training providers with regard to safe and effective training.

    Entry to the MCIA RIDE Industry Approved training scheme can be achieved through three distinct routes:

    • Route 1 - DVSA Enhanced Rider Scheme
    • Route 2 - Driving Instructor Association (DIA)
    • Route 3 - MCIA RIDE MRTI Programme

    Whilst part of MCIA RIDE, the post-test training scheme will not be launched at the same time as the ATB scheme. You can register your interest for later via ride@mcia.co.uk, and the team will contact you nearer the launch date.

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