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Accurate and timely data is vital to inform and support business decisions. The MCIA is able to offer data and reports to your requirements, developed through MCRIS (the Motorcycle Registration Information System); a sophisticated data bank and reporting package, designed to process and analyse new motorcycle registrations across the United Kingdom.

Member - It is the MCRIS system that generates the Monthly Statistical Booklet received by members as part of their MCIA membership subscription. Additional information is freely available to Levy Members, this can be tailored to the individual requirements of your business for an additional fee.

What MCRIS data can reveal

Using a number of different criteria, including Make, Model, Vehicle Type, Style and Area of the country where the vehicle was registered, the system allows the creation of detailed reports that can be presented in many useful ways. For example, it can provide: 

  • Brand performance comparisons
  • Insights into specific market profiles e.g. scooters, 500cc+ etc
  • Gaps in the market
  • Growing sectors
  • Trends in the market such as style or capacity
  • Areas where new distributors are required
  • Accuracy of dealer registrations
  • Measurement of distributor territory performance

Pocket Guide

The MCIA publishes a general collection of reports, giving high level data on a variety of topics which is freely available to all. The data goes back a number of years to enable trend analysis.

Press Statistics

The 5th working day of the month sees the publication of the Press Statistics report, which is data freely available to all. Reproduction, publication and dissemination of this data is permitted so long as the MCIA is referenced as the source.

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Membership unlocks more detailed reports and access to an array of other data, including:

  • Monthly Statistical Booklet
  • General Reporting
  • Off Road Reports

Useful External Resources

Government & Agency Data

There are a variety of different summaries and data sets available from a number of sources. The MCIA can help by digging up what you're looking for:

National Transport Statistics – Provides estimates of the vehicle miles travelled each year:

National Travel Survey – Data on personal travel patterns by residents within the UK:

DVSA Motorcycle Riding Tests – Information on the number and pass rates of driving and riding practical tests conducted in the UK:

International Statistics

There are many trade associations and authorities that can supply various types of data and in various forms, about non-UK countries or regions. 

To download a list of statistical sources, click here.

This is mainly from other trade associations or authorities and can include: 

  • New registrations
  • Production
  • Parc

For more information, please contact the Market Intelligence Team.

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