Internet Sales – What to look out for

Purchasing through the Internet is now common place, however when making a larger investment in a motorcycle, scooter or moped, there can be risk involved. We suggest you should always conduct your own research before making a purchase decision. Consider the following when making your choice:

  • Price – if it is too good to be true, it just might be.
  • Company Credentials – websites can be misleading, try to verify the size and stability of a company, look on the internet for customer reviews, press articles etc.
  • Product Quality – some machines can be identical mechanically (manufactured at the same factory) but branded and marketed differently. Some machines will be of similar appearance but manufactured by various companies. Research well before making your buying decision.
  • Availability of Parts – Are they freely available and what do they cost? Who can fit them?
  • Warranty and After Sales Service – what are the warranty terms and inclusions? Is the supplier able to provide straightforward, easy and quick resolutions to getting a problem fixed?
  • Delivery/Safety of Products – How will the machine be delivered? Is it delivered directly in a crate and therefore does it require some self assembly? In the interests of safety, MCIA members commit only to supply road bikes fully assembled and only after a Pre Delivery Inspection (PDI) carried out by a trained mechanic. Self assembly is likely to require specialist tools, please check before placing your order with a supplier where some final assembly is required.
  • After Sales Service/Complaints Handling – in the event of a problem occurring, will a complaint be taken seriously and dealt with quickly and fairly? Is there a complaints escalation process? How easy would it be to return a bike if necessary, for checks or replacements? Is the company willing to use an ADR scheme in the event of a dispute?
  • Will Your Bike Be Registered – by the supplier or will you need to do this yourself? There may be a cost/hassle factor to consider.

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