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The MCIA represents and oversees the interests of the motorcycle, scooter and Powered Light Vehicle (PLV) industry.

Today, the world faces many challenges and transport is high on that list. As technology moves away from the internal combustion engine, electrification and other powertrain technologies will see transport take on a new dimension. 

The way in which people and goods move must be reconsidered, as aside from meeting environmental and air pollution targets, dedicated road space for powered vehicles will reduce as a consequence of governments’ strategies to improve the lives of city dwellers. 

Transport is now seen as one of the UK Government’s “Grand Challenges” and the MCIA have now launched this industry’s answer to the challenge.

“The Route to Tomorrow’s Journeys” is the new MCIA policy document which examines the current transport environment and makes the case for powered light 2, 3 and 4-wheel vehicles being a significant contributor to Government’s quest of achieving it’s “Grand Challenge”.     

The MCIA is proud to be at the vanguard of this safe, efficient and clean transport revolution.

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We represent 85% of the supply side of the industry; the manufacturers and importers of motorcycles, accessory and component suppliers and companies supplying associated services. 

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